Once it is decided that drones are going to be a part of your business operations, getting there may seem like a thousand-piece jigsaw puzzle. Unmanned Value will provide you with a crystal-clear view on how to start on our tailored process that will lead you to safe, compliant, and efficient drone operations. From operational risk assessment to pilot training, from managing all required documents to ensuring compliance, and connecting with professional specialist partners along the way. We can support you with:

    1. Getting clarity about the permit(s) your organisation will need.
    2. Training your staff to the level where they can obtain the permit(s) themselves, or:
    3. Developing all the necessary documents for your organisation, such as:
      1. Operations Manual (OM)
      2. Concept of Operations (CONOPS)
      3. EASA Standard Scenario or Pre-Defined Risk Assessments (PDRA)
      4. Obtaining a Light UAS Operator Certificate (LUC) to approve your own operations within limits (see Services part 3)
      5. Specific Operations Risk Assessment (SORA), mandatory for high risk level drone operations. Managing communication with the Civil Aviation Authority (permit application, implementing feedback).
      6. Selecting hardware and maintenance: get insight in the latest unmanned technology and data processing.