Compliance has become a key factor when doing business in any country, in any sector. When operating drones, a whole new set of compliance-related issues will come into play. ICAO, EASA and local EU Member States all regularly issue new or changed rules and regulations that will directly apply to your organisation. Since unmanned aviation is a relatively new and fast-growing sector, this is to be expected. Combine this with the fact that your business just became airborne, with all the real-world risks involved, and you will understand that regulators not only enforce these rules in the strictest way possible, but also audit organisations and operations regularly.

To cope with this environment and always be compliant, Unmanned Value offers several services and support. These include:



To be a real professional drone operator your organization will need a safety management system tailored specifically to the EASA requirements. Unmanned Value will help your organization with adapting a current SMM such as ISO 45001 or VCA or creating a new one.

SELF GOVERNANCE: Obtaining a Light UAS Operator Certificate (LUC)

In simple terms a LUC allows an organisation to assess and approve their own drone operations within a predefined scope. The level of expertise that is needed to obtain the LUC status will make organisations more independent from regulators and fundamentally increases the in-house awareness and understanding of operational risk. It will also help create a broader professional atmosphere within companies, that will in time lead to better airmanship*. Finally, your staff will be a much better counterpart in addressing unmanned business and/or issues for your client.


New risks are created after an organisation has obtained the necessary permit(s). The new drones have arrived, and everybody is excited. And for good reasons, as it is a formidable accomplishment to start drone operations in a safe, compliant, and cost-effective way. However, studies have shown that, after operations manuals are approved, in some cases, pilots and team members fail to read them. The result is that operations are conducted which are not part of the permit, regular maintenance is forgotten, etcetera. Unmanned Value can help your organisation by conducting spot checks on site and reporting the outcome to management.

AUDIT: Drone Supervisor Services

The question is when - not if - there will be a CAA audit of your drone operations. New drone operators often wonder what will be covered by an audit. Not only can Unmanned Value prepare you for these audits, but we can also pre-audit the business units that perform the drone operations within your organisation and report back to management. In addition, we can join the mandatory in-house safety meetings and advise on incident and accident reporting.

CONTROL: Online, Onsite Workflow Management

People make mistakes, all people do. In aviation this is particularly important since mistakes lead to higher-than-average risk. To mitigate these risks, one of the most effective solutions is to automate work processes (operator tasks). These processes can be defined together with Unmanned Value, since we have extensive experience developing UAS workflow management systems. From assigning staff, flight planning and preparation, embarkation and on-site risk assessment, to data processing and hardware maintenance, it can all be captured in digital processes. These will not only help to carry out operations safely, but they will also document everything relevant to safety and audits.