Unmanned aviation is a rapidly developing and complex world. To integrate these services in your organisation requires in-depth knowledge of many aspects of unmanned aviation. Not just to understand the operational risks and technical challenges, but especially to make the right business decisions at the right time. To judge how ready your organisation is, ask yourself these four questions:

    1. Is my organisation fully aware of all current and applicable unmanned aviation legislation (EASA/FAA/ICAO)?
    2. Do we have the in-house knowledge about the most current UAS technical developments (now and tomorrow)?
    3. Do we have insight in the unmanned aviation activities and ambitions of our competitors worldwide?
    4. Did we look closely at our product/service portfolio and talked about which ones could be enhanced or replaced by drones and what new services/value they could bring to our existing client base?

These questions are just starting points to assess your organisation’s readiness and limit potential business risk. Yes, drones are exciting and full of promises, but they can easily become an expensive marketing tool caused by lack of in-depth knowledge. Unmanned Value can bring you the knowledge and expertise to tackle these issues.

If you choose to work with us, you will be guaranteed:

  1. An assessment of the viability of adding unmanned services to your organisation.
  2. Research into your competitors’ positions in unmanned aviation.
  3. Expert advice on the viability of the envisaged operations, such as mapping, inspections, or other tasks.
  4. All information needed to create a tailor-made Adoption Framework.
  5. A clear picture of the organisational readiness.
  6. Insight into employee impact, client acceptance levels and total cost of ownership.
  7. A complete overview of all liabilities and their mitigations.
  8. Guidance in certified training by connected governmental Qualified Entities (RTF, EASA QE)
  9. Consultancy for obtaining the required permissions for all desired drone operations (see: Services part 2)
  10. Long-term support through our quality and compliance control services and governmental audit preparation scan.